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Available Kittens


Available Kittens

Calla is available
from Litter C -  Litter C, Born: June 27, 2019:  Five boys and Two girls


Ezra, Eddy, & Eric are available
from Litter E -  Litter E, Born: Oct. 23, 2019:  Three boys

Available Adult

Link:  Special case female available for local placement

Litter C :
Caleb is the father. 

Noa is the mother. 

A beautiful, thoughtful, 
and playful little girl.



Calla enjoys affection.







She has lovely white hair
on her neck and chest.






 Calla is quiet, gentle, and very well behaved.

Calla and Daddy

Litter D :  SOLD
Caleb is the father. 

Milcah is the mother. 

Darren -- Sold
A round little boy who is adored by his mother.

Darla -- Sold
This little girl prances just like her momma.


Litter E :
Caleb is the father. 
Tirzah is the mother. 

Wow, what a pretty white chest you have!







Looks a lot like somebody.... could it be Daddy?






A cute little red-haired boy.









   ....the kittens couldn't get up on the window sill....

                                ....or in the sink.... 

Caleb loves kittens - and they love him.
Several have even tried to nurse from him - and he lets them cuddle and suck his belly fur for as long as they want.
Seeming not to mind that when they leave to go play, he's left with a slobbered-on tummy.


   Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                          Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
Contact:  206-793-7117


What tenderness there is in the blessing of a kitten.