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Available Kittens


Available Kittens

Litter C, Born: June 27, 2019

Five males and Two females

- Three Boys and a Girl are still available -

Noa is the proud mother. 

Many of the kittens 
have Noa's lovely eyes. 

7 Kittens - Litter C, shown below.
3 Boys are still available, and are listed first.

In Addition:
1 female, 1 male kitten, Russian bred, US born - click this link

Litter C :
He has become a curious little boy!



 Now he figures out how to get to new
places, and he remembers the way! 



Cypress and his brother,
were climbing out
of the nest to
see the world,
early on.



He's a playful little boy!




He has a very sweet face.



He's a little smaller than the rest -
but he's a cutie!



He has big wide round eyes! 



Carob is a playful little boy.

He's a little one,
but he's spunky!


Watchful father

 These is my little girl coming up 
and she's very special.

A beautiful, thoughtful, 
and playful little girl.

She's got 5 brothers
- but she keeps up with them!




Calla enjoys affection. 




She has lovely white hair
on her neck and chest.



The 3 kittens below of Litter C are now Reserved.

Catalpa  - Reserved
He's a big boy!


Coleus  - Reserved
He has lots of white 
- like his daddy!


Calliandra  - Reserved
She's a pretty, dainty girl.



Bijou and Onyx
Please contact me if you have particular interest in either of these two kittens.
I would like each to have a home locally, such that they can be picked up and not shipped.
Born: May 26, 2019

She is playful and quick,
with endless energy!

This little girl is always on the go!

The slightest touch of my hand
sets her to purring.




She is a bouncing, 
ball of fluff!


Born: June 19, 2019

A very handsome and furry fellow.
He is playful and 
very affectionate.




He is solid blue, 
and has been very 
fluffy from the start.


Caleb loves kittens - and they love him.
Several have even tried to nurse from him - and he lets them cuddle and suck his belly fur for as long as they want.
Seeming not to mind that when they leave to go play, he's left with a slobbered-on tummy.


   Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                          Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
Contact:  206-793-7117


What tenderness there is in the blessing of a kitten.