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"Have you noticed my whiskers?"



"Let me get behind your ears!" 
  "Sometimes I help with paperwork"


Milcah likes to watch and listen to people talk  about God. 
She is a good little 'student', 
she pays attention. 
"Hmmm, maybe I need to 
take notes too..."
"Oh my - have I been complaining??" 
"Sometimes I feel like 
she's talking just to me!"
"Pay attention, Samuel, 
there's a message for you."

"Wow, I see what you mean 
- she's looking right at me!"

"Oh good, we're going to 
learn about the Bible!"


"I'm not going to let it out of my sight!"

"We're reading it now.  
Do you have a Siberian translation?"
  "Proverbs - those are nice short verses, 
   so I can remember!"


"keepin' my eye on that Bible!"

"Wait, where'd the Bible go?"


"I'll keep lookin' for it"  

"Oh, I think we're gonna sing now..."  

Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord!  Psalm 150:6

      Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                          Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
Contact:  206-793-7171


"We are thankful to the Lord,
and we are blessed by God"